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                    Summer Enrichment Academy
This summer at Rowland, there will be an exciting opportunity for enrichment, for students to take part in.  The summer enrichment program will run from June 12th - August 4th, and take place right at Rowland School.

 The program is open to Rowland students currently enrolled in grades five (5) through eight (8).  The program consists of three hours of academics in the morning, focusing on each individual student's strengths and needs, followed by three hours of activities.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided.  In addition to the activities, which include sports, games, and swimming (twice per week), there will also be seven (7) field trips!  The entire program is presented at no cost to Rowland parents through the School Improvement Grant!  Applications for the program are available in  the main office at Rowland Academy, as well as a link below, for you to print off at home.  Please be sure to register your child soon!

SEA Application.pdf

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